Thursday, July 24, 2008

Download Revolution City v1.0 - WordPress Premium Theme

Revolution City v1.0 - WordPress Premium Theme
The Revolution City theme is a widget-ready, customizable theme that provide ideal solutions for cities and communities who wish to build a city portal website.

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Download : Revolution City v1.0

Monday, July 21, 2008

Omni Theme v1.0 - Multi-Use Developers Pack

Free download Omni Theme v1.0 - Multi-Use Developers Pack

Omni theme is a completely customizable, 3-column, Widget-ready, easy to use premium theme that expands the possibilities of WordPress.

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Free download Omni Theme v1.0 - Multi-Use Developers Pack click hire

Thesis Theme for WordPress

Free Download Thesis Theme for WordPress

A 3-column template system with spectacular typography and customizable, rotating images

Just a WordPress theme? Hardly. Thesis is a search engine optimized HTML + CSS + PHP framework equipped with an innovative options panel that makes it easy for anyone to run a professional, customized blog or Website (without being a code jockey).

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a high-quality template system that you can use to improve your site immediately.

Thesis boasts the strongest SEO of any theme on the market today thanks to its expertly-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework. The days of worrying about your in-site SEO are over—with Thesis, your strategy is “just add links.”

Not a coder? Not a problem. The Thesis options panel allows you to command your site with ease, while Thesis does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
  • SEO: the degree to which your code and content are organized and optimized for both search engines and people
  • accessibility: your ability to reach different audiences—those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users, etc.
  • usability: how effectively your users are able to navigate and interact with your site
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Live Demo Thesis Themes
Free download Thesis Theme for WordPress